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Be in the Know
Your Natural Path to Overall Health and Wellness

Local Resources:
www.nhcommunityseafood.com                                     NH Fish Coop
www.nhfarmtorestaurant.com                                      Farm to Table Restaurants
www.nhfma.net/find-your-market.html                          NH Farmer’s Markets

Healthy cooking:

Healthy Eating Apps (click here)

Dr. Beaudoin’s Lending Library. 
You are welcome to borrow and return the following books and videos:

Great reads: 
Clean, Green & Lean, by Dr. Walter Crinnion
The Disease Delusion, by Dr. Jeffrey Bland
The End of Diabetes, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Five to Thrive, by Dr. Lise Alschuler
Outside the Pill Box, by Dr. Ty Vincent
Seeds of Deception, by Jeffrey Smith
Consumed, by Benjamin Barber

Fantastic Videos:
Food Matters
Hungry for Change
Genetic Roulette